USB charger- Spotter GPS Watch

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  • Original USB charger for the Spotter GPS Watch

Do you want an extra charger for your Spotter GPS Watch, or is your charger faulty? Order the original USB charger for the Spotter GPS Watch here. Mate the two terminals on the charger with the connectors on the rear of the Spotter GPS Watch. Next, plug the end of the cable into a USB port to start charging the Spotter Watch.

Note: this charger is only suitable for the Spotter GPS Watch and not for the Spotter GPS tracker. 

Thinking about a Spotter GPS Watch? 

Give your child greater freedom with the Spotter GPS Watch. A small GPS watch specifically for children. Because of its unique design, small size and light weight, your child will enjoy wearing this comfortable and attractive watch. Your child has a choice of colours: Princess Pink or Army Green. You can use an online account or smartphone app to immediately see where your child is.