Spotter GPS Tracker 2G

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  • Compact size, only 6 cm.
  • View locations online or via the Spotter App.
  • SOS button in case of emergency.
  • Call the Spotter and communicate with each other.
  • Set zones and be notified when entering and exiting.
  • European coverage; so also works on vacation!
  • Prepaid use, including SIM card.
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Spotter GPS Tracker 2G
Spotter GPS Tracker 2G

In stock



    How does the Spotter® GPS tracker work?

    An extremely user-friendly GPS tracker that is easy to carry because of its compact size and light weight. Give the Spotter to your child, or put it in a car, boat or scooter so that you always know the location. What if you are travelling? You can use the FREE app for your smartphone and tablet.


    • Tracking signal every 60 seconds when moving and every 30 minutes when stationary
    • SOS button for emergencies
    • Call the Spotter and communicate with each other
    • Set up a safe zone 
    • Messages and notifications

    Log in from any location

    You have an online account where you can display Spotter GPS tracker locations and manage data. Locations are automatically sent to your account so you do not have to retrieve them manually. Because you work online, there is no need to install software or purchase licences. You can also log in as often as you want and several people can use the account simultaneously. What if you are travelling? You simply use the free Spotter app for smartphones and tablets to ensure that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

    • Extremely user-friendly
    • Log in online from any location
    • Several people can log in and use the account simultaneously
    • No software installation required
    • No licences

    What is the difference between 2G and 4G?

    The use of 4G in GPS trackers offers significant advantages over 2G. 4G provides higher data speeds, enabling faster and more accurate GPS location updates. With broader network coverage, 4G is more reliable, even in areas with weak signals. Furthermore, 4G is future-proof as 2G networks are set to phase out in the future (by 2025). In essence, opting for 4G not only immediately enhances performance but also ensures long-term relevance for the future.

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    Prepaid use - no subsription costs

    The Spotter GPS tracker provides high flexibility, as you can determine yourself how it is used. Simply order the Spotter GPS tracker and then choose a prepaid credit that best suits your needs. You can access all functions within this credit. If the period is over, you have no further costs and you can top up the credit for your GPS tracker when you want. In this video, the prepaid credit is further explained.

    You can choose from the following prepaid credits:

    Rates                  Prices                
    3 months credit € 17,95
    6 months credit € 34,95
    12 months credit € 59,00

    Prices include VAT. 

    Technical specifications

    Dimensions 61mm x 43mm x 16mm
    Weight 35 gram
    GSM frequency 900/180/850/1900 MHz
    GPS-chip U-blox 7 (supports AGPS)
    GPS sensitivity Cold start: -148dBm, Warm start: -162dBm
    GPS-accuracy <2.5m
    Time to first fix Cold start 32s, Warm start 11s, Hot start 1s
    Charging voltage 5V DC
    Battery Oplaadbaar 3.7V 900mAh
    Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
    Operating temperature -20°C to +80°C
    Water resistance IP66
    Battery life up to 5 days